New Fragrances and Glass

Sept 2012


1  New Fragrances

See the full Soy Candle Fragrance list page, it has been updated to include these New fragrances.

2  New stronger, thicker Metro Glass has been ordered see Pictures below.

3  New Glass ware for my candle. See Pictures Below

I have been quiet for a while now with just maintaining the range now I have begun to revise the range . To begin with here are the NEW Fragrances I have added to the list and all are available NOW for sale and markets. I have also brought in a lovely range of Mosaic glass in large lantern and round mosaic glass.

Enjoy them.

New Fragrances


Butt Naked                                                                                                                                        

This enticing blend has base notes of honeydew melon and granny smith apples with middle notes of pears and strawberries and top notes of spice.

Coconut Palm                                                                                                                                  

A strong coconut combined with woordy notes of palm leaves to create a unique tropical  fragrance oil.

Dragons Blood                                                                                                                                

This mysterious, haunting and alluring blend is extremely sophisticated and complex. With warming notes of amber, incense and a touch of patchouli, our Dragons blood   layers its  scents to create a warm and alluring sought after fragrance

Greentea & Lemongrass

This refreshing scent combines the sophisticated notes of green tea with the clean notes of lemongrass to create this unique fragrance

Lemon Myrtle (Fragrance Oil)

Green herbal notes combined with light citrus notes create this wonderful lemon myrtle scent.


Fresh and juicy mandarin combined with the fruity notes of banana and pineapple with a touch of sweet caramel.

Pomegranate & Sage

A gorgeous blend of rich dark berries, sweet Pomegranate and crisp, dry cassis. The exotic fruity blend contains notes of flat leaf parsley & desert sage.

Sunwashed Linen                                                                                                                           

Freshly washed clothes hanging in the summer breeze.


Glass Pictures


New Metro Medium & Large

This is pressed glass not blow molded so is much stronger and clearer glass much better for candles.

New Large Mosaic Range

 Blue and Silver Lantern

The large Lantern hold 530 mls wax and burn times will be advised after testing.

Retail for $49.00


The Hurricane and Large round Mosaics hold 440 mls of wax and burn for approx 110 hours.

Retail for $39.00


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