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Candle for the Month of June

June is the beginning of winter


It’s the beginning of sky season,

Weekends in the snow lots of fun and to warm you in the evenings

make the chai recipe below.

Its long nights and short days.

The colder weather keeps some indoors more often.

To keep the home smelling fresh as you like. June is spice month.

Those warming spice scents are just so good.


Moroccan Magic

Moroccan Magic

Moroccan Spice

The Fragrance of North Africa, bring the Moroccan Bazaar into your home with this evocative scent.

No matter how cold outside this fragrance will warm you and keep your home beautifully fragranced.





CInnamon Spice

CInnamon Spice

Cinnamon spice

Refreshes a room burn it in the kitchen and no more cooking smells,

cinnamon gently warms an area with it’s scent ,

for those who are romantic it does also tweak the love bug ,,,so be careful.



Here is a great recipe for Chai to cuddle up on the couch with, careful don’t spill it.

 This will make 2 large cups:

1 x 3 cm piece cinnamon quill

2 x Cardamon pods

3 x Cloves whole

3 x Tsp Indian Tea Leaves

4 x Tsp Sugar (or to taste)

1 x cup milk (or 2 cups of milk, to your taste)

1 x cup water

1 x strainer


In a medium pot pour the water add the milk then add the Indian tea, cloves,

crack open the cardamom pods then add those to the pot.

Bring to the boil over a moderate heat as you begin to see the foam at the sides of the pot take off the heat

let stand for a few minutes (3 usually, the longer you leave it the stronger the tea will be)

strain into the cups sit down and enjoy.