Candle of the Month for May

Mothers Day is May

A special candle she will remember and think of you for years come.

Mothers Day Special

Featured are three of the Atrizan Glass Lamps you mother will love.

They reflect the light and fragrance of her youth.

Lavender Fragrance:


An all time favourite…imagine walking through the lavender fields in France where row upon row of lavender bushes are in bloom you stretch out your hands and feel the gentle brush of the flower tips across your hand while inhaling the wonderful lavender fragrance. A timeless gift to say, thanks mum.

Rose Victorian  Fragrance:

victorian Rose
A precious gift to your mother…an English Rose Garden in late spring the new roses have come out to dance in the sun giving their thanks by releasing the magnificent fragrance that only roses can give.

French Vanilla  Fragrance:

Aghhh, Vanilla…the essence that inspires so much in all of us, its uses can fire the imagination to achieve all sorts of culinary wonders no matter how skilled we are. In your kitchen this will release in magic upon you to inspire you to do all you want to do in life and the kitchen. A wonderful gift of gratitude to your dear dear mother.

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